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Web 2.0 Service
Test Average: 71%
Reviewed 15 July 2014


Used for quickly creating web pages or team collaboration sites with templates using text edit boxes, uploading of images etc.

Accessibility Testing Results


# Test Score Summary
1Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible Poor Keyboard access/tabbing works logically, No CAPTCHA was found. Form controls/fields appear to have corresponding labels (WAVE), but could be read using NVDA. However, within the search engine itself the main input field is not labelled which is the whole purpose of the website.
2Image ALT Attributes Excellent Alternative text is offered on the upload of the image. Images on the website are decoration only (WAVE).
3Link Target Definitions Excellent A user has to create a link and it is up to him/her whether make the link sensible or not.
4Frame Titles and Layout Good Few frames are not titled and might affect the layout. Firefox - AE tool, IE - WAT.
5Removal of Stylesheet Fair The site is very hard to read without the stylesheet. You can't edit documents or view/navigate through the content of the homepage.
6Audio/Video Features Excellent Videos cannot be uploaded, however, you can hyperlink a video player, e.g. YouTube.
7Video/animations - audio descriptions Excellent Videos cannot be uploaded, however, you can hyperlink a video player, e.g. YouTube.
8Appropriate use of Tables Fair Data/Layout tables are found within the website, which are not headered. This might create problems with a screen reader.
9Tab Orderings Correct and Logical Good The tabbing is not always logical and correct, but it is presented and well highlighted.
10Page Functionality with Keyboard Fair Page is not completely accessible with keyboard, e.g. tabbing stacks in the text editor.
11Accessibility of Text Editors Good Rich text editor is available with number of keyboard shortcuts, but they cover not all functions of the editor.
12Appropriate Feedback with Forms Excellent Clear, appropriate feedback is provided next to the form controls. No time constraints.
13Contrast and Colour Check Good Colour contrast in the site is generally good, apart from some minor issues, such as pale grey text on the dashboard and content.
14Page Integrity when Zooming Excellent Readability unaffected when zooming and the layout is responsive to changes.
15Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability Excellent Text is generally 12pt, sans serif font. There is no flashing or blinking content.

Disability-Tailored Results

The following table shows how well the product performs for people with disabilities, as listed in the Disabilities section.

Percentages do not indicate how much of a site is accessible. They indicate the average figure of test results relevant to each disability. Select a disability to see which tests are relevant to it.

Disability Average Score
Deaf/Hard of Hearing100%
Colour Deficiencies89%
Visual Stress89%
Partially Sighted and Visual Acuity83%
Specific Learning Differences (including Dyslexia)80%
Cognitive Learning Disabilities72%
Blind and Severe Visual Impairments67%

Activities you can do with Google Sites