Results for Google Presenter

Web 2.0 Service
Test Average: 60%
Reviewed 24 August 2009


The Google Tool provides import of PPT files, and a clean editing interface. In edit mode presentations can be live and shared with invited others or published. The interface is very similar to PowerPoint.

Accessibility Testing Results

Aspects of Google tools are keyboard accessible but once again much of the edit layout depends on using the right hand mouse menus when on a slide. Speaker notes can be added to the slides and text types and colours can be chosen by the user to offer easy to read slides. The site zooms well and good contrast levels but text tends to be small when it comes to menus etc.

# Test Score Summary
1Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible Good The Google signup form does not make thorough use of clear labels and there is a captcha with audio that is not easy to work out.
2Image ALT Attributes Excellent The images that are added to presentations can have descriptions.
3Link Target Definitions Excellent All links, including images which would otherwise be ambiguous, have titles to uniquely identify them.
4Frame Titles and Layout Excellent No frames or iframes, which can be disorientating for screen-readers, are used in the design.
5Removal of Stylesheet Poor The site is unusable without the stylesheet.
6Audio/Video Features Fair A text description of presentations can be made.
7Video/animations - audio descriptions Good It is possible to add video to presentations from YouTube that could contain audio descriptions. Text descriptions can be added to slides.
8Appropriate use of Tables Poor Tables are used to construct this site - this may cause some screenreaders to read the content in the wrong order.
9Tab Orderings Correct and Logical Excellent Tab order is in a logical and consistent top-to-bottom or left-to-right format.
10Page Functionality with Keyboard Poor A keyboard can be used, but the user cannot escape from the editing area once they are typing in it.
11Accessibility of Text Editors Fair Users can type in the rich text editor with just a keyboard, but a pointing device is required to get out of the editing area. Keyboard shortcuts can be used.
12Appropriate Feedback with Forms Good The site does not always offer suitable feedback.
13Contrast and Colour Check Good No contrast issues.
14Page Integrity when Zooming Excellent The website maintains the layout and usability of all critical areas perfectly when zoomed.
15Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability Good The majority of text on the site is size ten, which is readable but may be uncomfortable for some.

Disability-Tailored Results

The following table shows how well the product performs for people with disabilities, as listed in the Disabilities section.

Percentages do not indicate how much of a site is accessible. They indicate the average figure of test results relevant to each disability. Select a disability to see which tests are relevant to it.

Disability Average Score
Visual Stress78%
Partially Sighted and Visual Acuity71%
Colour Deficiencies67%
Specific Learning Differences (including Dyslexia)60%
Cognitive Learning Disabilities58%
Deaf/Hard of Hearing56%
Blind and Severe Visual Impairments56%

Activities you can do with Google Presenter

There are no activities for this product.