Results for Prezi

Web 2.0 Service
Test Average: 49%
Reviewed 15 July 2014


Online zooming presentation tool that is presented in a Javascript player. It allows the user to add videos, images and text to make exciting presentations. An overview can be shown and then it is possible to zoom in on particular details. Fun to use but may be quite distracting if you are not used to this method of presenting. There are several different options from the free version to paid versions that at the top end have a download version.

Accessibility Testing Results

The use of the Javascript player allows for a certain amount of keyboard control but the actual content is still screen reader inaccessible when presented unless it can be downloaded as separate images with text descriptions. There is no way of directly interacting with presentation content in terms of text to speech unless an audio file is provided.

# Test Score Summary
1Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible Good Keyboard access/tabbing works logically, No CAPTCHA was found. Form controls/fields do not appear to have corresponding labels (WAVE), but could be read using NVDA.
2Image ALT Attributes Poor There is no way to add an alternative text to the images when uploaded to the presentation (WAVE).
3Link Target Definitions Good Most links are understandable and fully appropriate. Some duplicates are mentioned, such as "Edit" (WebbIE).
4Frame Titles and Layout Poor Frames/iframes fail to be read by screen reader.
5Removal of Stylesheet Poor The website is structured and accessible, but not the prezi creating environment itself. It is due to the un-linked .js and .css files.
6Audio/Video Features Fair Possible to add a text summary in the presentation, but it will not be accessible by the screen reader.
7Video/animations - audio descriptions Good Online Youtube videos can be added to the presentation.
8Appropriate use of Tables Excellent Tables are not used within the design of the website.
9Tab Orderings Correct and Logical Poor Tab order is logical on the website, but not on the presentations. Only the arrow keys.
10Page Functionality with Keyboard Poor The website is accessible via keyboard, but not the presentations.
11Accessibility of Text Editors Poor No rich text editor found, but even the simple ones cannot be accessed via keyboard.
12Appropriate Feedback with Forms Excellent Forms on the website provide useful feedback of the progress, but not in the presentation itself.
13Contrast and Colour Check Excellent Website color contrast is acceptable. The presentations color contrast entirely depends on the user preference.
14Page Integrity when Zooming Excellent Readability unaffected when zooming and the layout is responsive to changes.
15Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability Excellent Text is generally 12pt, sans serif font. There is no flashing or blinking content. Presentation content depends on the user preference.

Disability-Tailored Results

The following table shows how well the product performs for people with disabilities, as listed in the Disabilities section.

Percentages do not indicate how much of a site is accessible. They indicate the average figure of test results relevant to each disability. Select a disability to see which tests are relevant to it.

Disability Average Score
Visual Stress100%
Colour Deficiencies89%
Specific Learning Differences (including Dyslexia)80%
Deaf/Hard of Hearing78%
Partially Sighted and Visual Acuity67%
Cognitive Learning Disabilities53%
Blind and Severe Visual Impairments36%

Activities you can do with Prezi